Advocate, Madrid Bar Association, Spain

Road Name: Jesús y María House No: 32, Ground Floor-D. 28012 Madrid, Spain

D. Md Tarique Hossain completed LL.M. (Máster en Derecho Parliamentario, Elecciones y Estudios Legislativos) from Complutense University of Madrid; LL.B. (Hon´s) under the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, as MAEC-AECID scholar, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Spain. He has obtained Bachelor of Laws (LL.B. Hon´s), and Master of Laws (LL.M.), both degrees are from University of Dhaka. Mr. Tarique is an affiliated Lawyer to Madrid Bar Association, bearing Collegiate Number 106275.

He started Corporate Law practice with MR. OMAR SADAT and MRS. SARWAT SIRAJ, “Sadat Sarwat  & Associates” as one of the leading law firms in Dhaka, known as multi disciplinary law firm with extensive experience in handling full spectrum of corporate and commercial transactions, contentious litigation and arbitration, both at home and abroad.

In Spain, he worked with Advocate doña Cristina García-Longoria Huerta to the Law Firm in Madrid “Gabinete Jurídico García-Longoria” in the matters of: immigration, laboural, criminal, mercantile, and consultancies to achieve the most satisfaction of the needs of the clients with the utmost diligence. He acquired expertise in drafting job contracts, house matters, and commercial Deeds and Documents, commercial litigation, international trade, banking suits and cases, suits relating to real property, business fraud and government litigation etc. He has experience of intensive juniorship with senior advocates: D. Ricardo Leal Perez-Olague, and D. Marcelo Juan Mariano Belgrano Ledesma who are the reputed lawyers of the Country, having experience more than 45 years and 27 years respectively to the Supreme Courte of Spain, the highest court in Spain for all matters not pertaining to the Spanish Constitution.

At present, Mr. Tarique Hossain as one of the affiliated Lawyers to the aforesaid Bar has dedicated his life to defend the legal rights of Indian Subcontinent personalities who are living in Europe. Specifically, he collaborates to serve the Bangladesh-India-Pakistan communities, including both diplomatic missions: Embassy of Bangladesh in Spain, and Embassy of Spain in Bangladesh, on the matters of: Spanish temporary residence, permanent residence, nationality, marriage, divorce, different type of visa, expulsion appeals, etc.