Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh

Mr. Zishan is a member of the Supreme Court Bar Association and Dhaka Bar Association. He taught Constitutional Law, Banking Law, Company Law, Commercial Law, Law of Contract, Law of Tort, Business Law, Law of International Trade, Intellectual Property Law, Succession Law, Land Law, Transfer of Property Act, Civil and Criminal Law in the University of Dhaka. He has enjoyed victories on behalf of his clients at the negotiating table and as leading counsel in the High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh.

He started Criminal Law practice with Mr. Abdul Aziz Miah (Minto), Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh and the then Public Prosecutor of Jana Nirapatta Bighnakari Oporadh Damon Tribunal, Dhaka. Later on, he worked with Barrister Rahat Khalil, Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh and Dr. Momtazuddin Ahmed (Mehedi), Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh and Former Secretary, Supreme Court Bar Association. While practicing with Barrister Rahat Khalil, he gathered extensive expertise regarding the court procedures, proceedings of the trial of cases on Civil, Criminal, Commercial, Company, Banking and Bankruptcy Law. He has vast expertise on Writ, Custom, Admiralty, Patents Trademark and Copyright Law and a good length of Arbitration practice as well.

He has extensive experience in commercial litigation, international trade, banking suits and cases, suits relating to real property, business fraud and government litigation. Mr. Zishan acquired expertise in drafting banking and commercial Deeds and Documents. He has got a good length of Criminal practice as well.